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Best broadband deals 2022: Huge savings on plans from all the top UK internet service providers this July

Max Figgett
1 Jul 2022

Looking to switch your provider? You’ve come to the right place: we've rounded up the very best broadband deals

Now is the perfect time to bag yourself one of the best broadband deals. All of the internet service providers, big and small, are jostling for your attention by including head-turning download speeds and extra goodies such as gift cards. But which one should you pick? We've scoured the web to bring you the best broadband deals on the market.

However, you'll first need to think about your requirements: do you live in a house full of avid gamers? Do you need as much bandwidth for 4K streaming as possible? Do you just want a reliable connection for your home office? After all, there's not much point paying for mounds of megabits or extra features you'll never use. 

Almost all of the deals below include unlimited bandwidth, but be sure to read the terms and conditions before signing up. We must warn you that most of these prices are for a limited time, so if you like something you see, it’s a good idea to take advantage of an existing deal because there are no guarantees that you’ll get a cheaper price later. Below, you’ll find the best broadband deals at the time of writing, catering to every budget and bandwidth requirement.

Shell Energy: Cutting monthly costs? These are the perfect deals for you

Shell Energy might not be the biggest broadband player on the market, but there's no arguing with these prices: 38Mbits/sec for just £20/mth and 67Mbits/sec for a bargain £24/mth. If that wasn't enough, the latter also comes with £50 of bill credit, making it the cheapest broadband deal around that the moment.
Shell Energy

EE: Get a VAST 50% off all broadband plans for three months

EE broadband deals don't get much better than this: the company has slashed 50% off the price of all of its plans for the first three months of a two-year plan. That means you can pick up 74Mbit/sec for £16/mth, 100Mbits/sec for £19.50, 500Mbis/sec for £24.50 and 900Mbits/sec for just £29/mth for three months. Those are stunning savings.
Save 50%

Best broadband deals: At a glance

Get the best broadband deals in your area

Not all deals will apply to your postcode but, all the broadband services below have their own postcode checker to find the best deal available in the area where you live. Alternatively, if you want to save time, you can just use the finder below to instantly find the best broadband offers currently available for your postcode, and then proceed from there.

The best broadband deals this July

1. Plusnet: No upfront costs with our favourite ISP

Plusnet, the out-and-out winner of this year's Best Broadband Awards, is currently offering three competitive broadband 18-month plans, ranging from £19/mth to £25/mth. Even better, you won't have to pay any setup fees.

The Unlimited Fibre and Unlimited Fibre Extra plans use Plusnet's newest Hub Two router, which boosts reliability, and don't come with any activation fees. The monthly prices, along with average download speeds, are as follows.

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Best broadband deals from Plusnet

PlanDownload speed
Price per 
Unlimited Broadband10£19
Unlimited Fibre36£23
Unlimited Fibre Extra66£25


Buy now from Plusnet

2. Virgin Media: Save a HUGE £144 on the cheapest plan

This July, Virgin Media has some decent broadband offers for you. The pick of the bunch is the M50 Fibre Broadband offer, which gets you 54Mbits/sec for just £20/mth on an 18-month plan, rather than the usual £28/mth. That's a stonking saving of £144. 

If you want to go even faster, you can grab an average download speed of 108Mbits/sec for £24/mth213Mbits/sec for £34/mth, 362Mbits/sec for £40/mth, 516Mbits/sec for £46/mth or even an eye-boggling 1,130Mbits/sec for £60/mth. Note that all of the plans come with a one-off setup fee of £35.

Virgin Media is also renowned for its broadband and TV bundles, which will get you a cornucopia of content and super-speedy internet for less. You can find our roundup of its best deals here, along with packages from the other big providers. 

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Best broadband deals from Virgin Media

PlanDownload speed
Price per


Buy now from Virgin Media

3. BT: Get a HUGE £100 Reward Card

If you’re in the market for a speedy fibre-optic internet connection, you may want to look into this deal from BT. With a peak download speed of 74Mbits/sec, BT’s Full Fibre 2 internet is no slouch and it will throw in a £100 Reward Card for good measure.

If you're after a different speed, don't fret. BT has a wide selection of packages ranging from 36Mbits/sec all the way to 900Mbits/sec. What’s more, all of these packages have a Stay Fast Guarantee, where BT runs checks and even sends out an engineer to sort your speeds out if they drop below a certain speed (depending on the package you have).

And, like Virgin Media and Sky above, you can get superb savings by bundling your broadband and TV into one package. We've collected all of the best deals in one place

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Best broadband deals from BT

PlanDownload speed
Price per
Fibre Essential36£27,
was £29
Fibre 150£28,
was £30
Fibre 274£32,
was £34
Full Fibre 100150£36
Full Fibre 500500£46
Full Fibre 900900£56


Buy now from BT

4. Sky: The best broadband deals if you have Sky TV

With download speeds of 145Mbits/sec, Sky’s £35/mth Ultrafast plan is the company’s mid-range broadband service. What's more, this package comes with a speed guarantee, where if your internet speed drops below the guaranteed minimum of 100Mbits/sec three days in a row, you can claim your money back.

Also available are the Superfast plan, which offers average download speeds of up to 59Mbits/sec for £28/mth on an 18-month contract, and the Gigafast plan that offers a whopping 900Mbits/sec for £55/mth.

Moreover, as with Virgin Media above, you can get big savings by bundling your broadband and TV into one package. We've rounded up the pick of the best here.

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Best broadband deals from Sky

PlanDownload speed
Price per
Ultrafast Plus500£45


Buy now from Sky

5. Vodafone: The most affordable broadband deals

Vodafone has a cracking deal for you: you can get up to a vast 100Mbits/sec for a mere £25/mth on a two-year plan via the company's Superfast 100 plan. That's easily enough for eight devices to stream in 4K at the same time and vastly undercuts the price of rivals such as BT and Sky.

Meanwhile, the 24-month Superfast 2 plan is £22/mth and, as the name suggests, gets you an estimated download speed of 73Mbits/sec. That should still satisfy even the most content-hungry households.

Best broadband deals from Vodafone

 PlanDownload speed
Price per 
Superfast 136£22
Superfast 273£22
Ultrafast 100100£25
Ultrafast 200200£30


Buy now from Vodafone

6. Hyperoptic: The cheapest gigabit broadband deal

Hyperoptic is a lesser-known internet service provider that serves up blazingly fast speeds for super-cheap prices, including an average speed of 900Mbits/sec for a Virgin Media-undercutting £35/mth (usually £60/mth) on a two-year contract.

Hyperoptic is currently offering simply incredible savings on all of its plans, but the snag is that it's only available in pockets of the UK so not everyone will be able to take advantage of them.

Best broadband deals from Hyperoptic

PlanDownload speed
Price per
was £25
was £35
was £50
was £60


Buy now from Hyperoptic

7. Community Fibre: The best broadband deals for Londoners

You may have not heard of Community Fibre, mainly because it isn't yet available widely in the UK. However, if you live in one of the 26 London boroughs that are covered by this broadband service, you'll find that it offers the best value for money on two-year contracts, especially if they're discounted as they are at the moment. You'll get ferociously fast speeds for a fraction of the price that you would pay from one of the other major providers.

Best broadband deals from Community Fibre

Download speed
Price per
was £37.50
was £49


Buy now from Community Fibre

8. EE: Get three months HALF PRICE

EE is currently dishing up a delicious 50% discount on all of its broadband plans for the first three months of a two-year contract. They're some of the biggest broadband savings we've ever seen from the company.

And, if you're already an EE customer, you're in luck as it's giving loyal customers with pay-monthly phone plans an extra 10% off their broadband contracts. Plus, plenty of EE’s broadband and fibre packages will boost your monthly data allowance by up to 20GB when signing up.

Best broadband deals from EE

PlanDownload speed (Mbits/sec) Price per
Fibre36£14.50 for three months (then £29)
Fibre Plus74£16 for three months (then £32)
Full Fibre Max 100100£19.50 for three months (then £39)
Full Fibre Max 500500£24.50 for three months (then £49)
Full Fibre Max Gigabit900£29 for three months (then £58)


Buy now from EE

9. Three: Get three months for FREE

If want to get set up as quickly and easily as possible, this attention-grabbing deal from Three will appeal: you get unlimited 4G data for just £16/mth on a two-year contract. Alternatively, you can opt for a year for £20/mth. There's no upfront fee and you don't have to wait for an engineer or for the company to connect you – simply plug in the 4G Hub to start browsing.

Alternatively, you can go for Three's stellar 5G plan: unlimited 5G data for £20/mth on a two-year contract, with three months FREE via a £60 gift card. Again, there's nothing to pay upfront.

Best broadband deals from Three

PlanPrice per
Unlimited 4G£16
Unlimited 5G£20


Buy now from Three

10. Now Broadband: The best broadband deals for streaming extras

It might not be the biggest player in the broadband game, but Now Broadband, which piggybacks on Sky's infrastructure, is offering some excellent deals for content-hungry customers. Not only has it slashed the price of its Super Fibre (average speed of 63Mbits/sec) package to £20/mth on a one-year deal, but you'll save up to 40% on Now TV memberships.

Rather than paying £10/mth, you can get Now's Cinema or Entertainment Membership for just £6/mth for a year. That puts a vast amount of movies and TV boxsets at your fingertips.

Best broadband deals from Now Broadband

PlanDownload speed (Mbits/sec)Price per
Brilliant Broadband11£18
Fab Fibre36£20
Super Fibre63£20


Buy now from Now Broadband

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